I love to cook, sometimes I like to hangout, but I do love to be alone. I like to talk, share knowledge, exchange ideas and inspire people. What does that make me? A cook, a nerd, a lover of knowledge who loves to help others, and a loner that you will come to love. Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to comment, and subscribe if you can.
Bils BeeingBils

4 Replies to “About”

  1. Kiti, i haven’t quite been thru the whole site but this is amazing what u r doing here, keep it up! it reminds me of how much i once loved to cook when i was younger, learning to make quiche from scratch and manually mixing the cake batter til u felt like ur hands were going to detach from ur shoulders but ur mom comes n looks at it and says, “e nova even near”…that was painful. it bugs me that i don’t cook as much :(. also i c both our moms may have gone thru the same culinary schools or employed the same chefs lol, u r bringing back some serious memories, les patates, coq au vin, ooooh nem-!!! when r u making quiche by the way???
    ciao ma chere!! très fière de toi

  2. I love this blog – it is honest, fun and creative. I think I felt my ribs bone almost cracked at some point, so I had to stop laughing. Keep it up…
    PS: where are the 2013 stories,,,don’t leave us hanging!!!

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