I am sure you are wondering why this crazy chick is saying “Happy New Year” in April! Well, it is my first blog post of the year 2013, and I have a birthday coming up so it seems more than appropriate. So much has happened in the last couple of months, and I have received lots of calls, texts and threats from friends, family (my MOM yo! I didnt know she read this blog. I hope she loves it cos I learned a lot from watching her cook when I was a kid). I am working on consistency, and hopefully sooner than later I will get it together. Until then, I invite you to visually take a walk back in time as I revisit some of the creations out of my kitchen …

The most delicious turkey I ever had! And I am not saying this just because I made it under the duress and it was all gone 2 days later!

The story behind this turkey is one I am too ashamed to tell, all I can say is kids, stay away from alcohol! Enough said

Eru I made for my darling sister for Christmas, although she never showed up thanks to bad weather

I tend to shy away from cooking Eru because I never seemed to be able to get it right, but I definitely outdid myself with this one


I had Mosa for my first time last year when I visited my friends J&DS. I loved it so much so that at first sight of some overripe plantains, I hit J up for her recipe

Okra soup. A first for me

I had the opportunity to try an Okra recipe, and I am glad I did because this okra was absolutely delicious!

Fresh fruit salad

Just looking at all the vibrant hues in this picture makes me want to beeline to the farmers market this weekend. Nothing better than fruit salad from fresh fruits, and not that canned nonsense

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice olo mi Hajia made for our Thanksgiving get-together. I have been working on my Jollof rice for over a year, and it still eludes me. Fear not, I am getting there. Sooner than later, I will get there

Peppered gizzards+dodo aka Gizdodo!

These were a hit at the last two hangouts I hosted. I can’t seem to get over the fact that I used to party 4 nights in a row, sleep in crammed areas, head to the airport from the club and now my idea of a fun night is cooking and hosting friends. Le sigh

ImageI made the effort to stay away from red meats this past lent and eat more fish. So I had to get a tad creative with my fish recipes. Salmon patty sandwich which was absolutely yummy. I will def post a recipe soon

Asun aka bbq goat meat
Asun aka bbq goat meat

I am not a big meat-eater by any chance, but I will pounce on goat meat shamelessly whenever I find it at parties and such. For fear of losing yards off my wife material, I have had to tone it down lately and so I make mine at home now! Can’t afford to lose even a nano-inch of may wifey material these days. Times are hard out hereEgusi soup

Egusi soup

I love me some egusi soup! Sadly iyan does not love me back so it makes it kinda hard to savour my egusi. I am currently considering purchasing a mortar and pestle to see if fresh yam will treat me any better. Ahem, I will gladly accept one for my birthday, teinz!

Poulet DG!
Poulet DG!

You are not Cameroonian if you do not know and LOVE poulet DG! I mean camaan!!! Whats not to love about a melee of dodo, veggies and chicken!

At this point, I hope you have drooled so much you are just now noticing the liquid puddle on your laptop/desktop, lol. But on the real, I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and I intend to be back a lot more regularly. If you have questions, comments or would like any of these recipes, leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks for stopping by and please come again!

Bisous, Bils

4 Replies to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. WOW!!! To what do we owe this rare opportunity??? Thank God for bringing you here! Please I want the recipe for the poulet DG..Tanzzzz and Godbless!

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