Like I do every month, I made a promise to myself that I was going to blog more in August. Sadly that has not happened. I want to blame it on

the fact that I have taken up quite a few projects lately, and when I am not working on one of them, I am out trying to live a little. I did get a “new” camera, so when I finally put up a new food post (like FINALLY for real!!!) you will get uh-MAY-zing photos! Oh well, here’s a few pics from here n there

Koki beans before I wrapped it up. Koki is kinda like moi-moi minus all the tomatoes, corn beef, hard boiled eggs et al. I also think it is lighter ie fluffy, and it contains spinach and palm oil.

Sautéed spinach with smoked turkey drumsticks. I love spinach, but sadly my tummy doesn’t. So this would be one of the things I cook, but don’t/cannot eat.

Thanks to instagram and twitter, I have come across a lot of passionate African foodies! I love how they all take time to plate and present their food. I visited a friend last weekend and served my Ndole like so. I caught a lot of slack because several of my kinsmen didn’t think I had enough food on the plate. To each his own ……

For my non-Cameroonian readers, Ndole is a dish made with “bitter leaves” cooked in boiled and crushed peanuts with dried crawfish and shrimp for those who can afford it. The one above had smoked turkey

Every August, restaurants around Houston participate in what we call “Houston Restaurant Weeks”. HRW is an endeavor to raise money for Houston-area food banks. The restaurants have “prix-fixe” menus: $20pp for lunch and $35 for dinner for either two- or three-course  and sometimes even four-course meals depending on the restaurant. I think it’s a pretty good deal for everyone: raise money for the food banks, restaurants get high traffic and I get to try a lot of restaurants without breaking bank! #winning!!!

Friday night dinner at Vic & Anthony’s

Sunday brunch at 51Fifteen. The white chocolate bread pudding was the business!!! I will definitely be headed there again to try the HRW dinner menu

Good food will do that to ya! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment, like, share with friends, in your Facebook wall, whatever floats your boat! Hehe
Bisous, Bils

P.S. this entire post was done on my iPod!!!! Gotta love technology

12 Replies to “August days”

  1. Yesso I graduated from Elizabeth Seton Ten years ago! How time flies, my younger sister graduated last summer. Life mehn, this world is SMALL!!!! Meanwhile you just made me H-U-N-G-R-Y!!!!

    1. My bad! Didn’t mean to make you hungry. Small world indeed. Let’s make a deal, next time you’re stateside I get to hang with you and learn all about crafting, DIY and vintage shopping, and cook for you :). Fair enough?

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