To say I am a random person does not come close to even describing how random I am! While sitting at my desk early this morning, I’m talking 6:30am early, my mind began to drift off as usual, headed to random land. Only, this time I grabbed my notebook and pencil and decided to write down a few random facts about me…..

  1. I am a little on the dramatic side. Every time I have a health scare, which happens rather often, I am convinced that my end is near, and I immediately begin drafting my eulogy in my mind! Oh, and even more interesting. Whenever I meet a guy, and I think he is potential dating material, I get to drafting the “how we met” portion of the wedding website *hides face in shame*. Please don’t judge me, blame it on my random mind
  2. I am a tad obsessed with order when it comes to arrangements; be it in my closet, the kitchen counter, or the pantry, I have a reason for placing things in certain positions, and I get upset when they are moved, even by a quarter of an inch! Take my closet for example, both my closet and hangers are color-coded. Blue for dresses, white for blouses, tops & sweaters, light blue for jeans and wooden for dress pants. Each of these categories are also placed according to color; going from the lighter shades to the darker shades. I understand this is a bit much, but I can’t help myself. Sad part is, I have had to fight the urge not to do same to my friends closets.
  3. I am an extremely picky eater. My mother has begged me to go at least an entire day without blurting out that I don’t eat something; it has never happened! There is always something I don’t eat. Being a picky eater is probably what got me to love cooking sooo much. The only time I am sure of what I am about to taste without the fear of random ingredients being in the food is when I do the cooking.
  4. My ears tend to get red hot at random times for no apparent reason. When I say red, I am talking like flaming red hot!!! It gets soooo hot I can feel the heat radiating on my skin! There have been times when I have tried to cool it off with ice blocks or even stuck my head in the freezer, and still had no luck. So yeah, if you see walking around with my head tilted, holding one ear and looking rather uncomfortable, don’t worry, it’s just a regular day in my life
  5. I have struggled with falling asleep, and staying asleep for a while now. For the last 6-7 years I have had to take sleep aids every now and then. Actually, I will be taking some as soon as I finish this post. Not to worry, I stick to the all-natural types.
  6. I am pretty really good at memorizing numbers. It would be in your best interests not to randomly shout out your phone number, your man’s number, your SSN, your bank account number, your gate code or any other sequence of numbers you would rather I not know around me.
  7. I hardly ever answer a question with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. My current responses are “it could be said …”, “technically” and my ultimate favorite: “more or less”! Let me give you an example, my dad called me at about 11am some morning, and I was still sleeping. As always he asked if I was sleeping. My response: “it could be said that I was.”
  8. I love random facts. I love reading random facts, and sharing said facts with lots of excitement to my very uninterested audience. This would probably stem from all those years I spent combing through the entire Children’s Encyclopaedia Britannica collection. There was sooooo much cool stuff in those. Thinking about it now is making me a little giddy already. I miss those. About to head to amazon to see if I can scope it on there.
  9. Whenever I catch myself daydreaming about my random thoughts, I almost always try to retrace my thoughts to the starting thought!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my randomness, and feel free to share some of the quirks and kinks that make you special and irreplaceable! Thanks for dropping by, and tell a friend, to tell a friend to tell another to come check this space out! Oh yeah, and before you leave this space, please click HERE. You can thank me later!

Bisous, Bils

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