Update: I only just now finished this post; 3 days later. Lets just say I had some technical difficulties 🙂

I am typing this up as I wait at the gate to board the first of two flights on my trip back home. I am going through a plethora of feelings at the moment, with the primary one being that I don’t want to leave the Bay Area and its insanely amazing weather, yet somewhere deep down I think I am ready to go home, and sleep in my own bed, and use my bathroom. Yes, these are the little things that make me happy. This trip was amazing in soooooo many ways, that I don’t know where to begin, but at least I am willing to try. Where I run out of words, I will let the pictures I took speak for themselves. So yeah, here’s a recap …

I didn’t do much on my first day out here because the BART had some fire incident, and I am not complaining because after my crazy flight schedule out here, I definitely needed the rest. Friday morning, I was up and ready to go. First thing I noticed, were the hills.

The view as I walked up to train station …

These reminded me a lot of Bamenda in particular, and the whole grasslands as a whole. For someone who is not in tune with nature, I sure do love admiring the outdoors. Riding the BART was a pretty awesome experience, the train goes under the water between Oakland and San Francisco. Once in SF, I hit the ground running. First stop Chinatown.

Street view of Chinatown

Random fact, Chinatown in SF has the single largest population of Chinese folk outside of China

Bils and the tiger

I got tired along the way, and decided to get some tea. Here’s a sign I saw on the restroom door.

Like really though?

This is what said restroom looked like

Yup, that’s what the $2 restroom looks like folks

From Chinatown, I hit up Union Square as per the recommendation of a reader who happens to my friend too, in the comments section. I wish I knew what was out there before I hit it up. You do not send a lion to the butcher’s shop ever! Union Square had every retail store you ever thought of, heard of and possibly imagined! Everything from Ferragamo, Ferrari retail to even a freaking 3-story Ross that carried Sam Edelman and Vince Camuto shoes! Crazy I tell you.

Du jamais-vu!

I am considering coming out to the Bay Area every time I feel like I want to stimulate the economy, because I am balling like that! Am I your mate?

View from the side …

After combing through Union Square until my eyes and heart could take it no more, I headed out to catch up with a friend I had not seen since high school. We went by Oracle and acted like the true kids-at-heart that we really are

She is quite shy …

Then we hung out some more, before I finally headed back home. It was kinda late, and I had to transfer trains in Oakland. Now, I don’t know much about Oakland, but from the stories I have heard, its “kinda rough” out there. My gracious host panicked when I told her I was in Oakland. I don’t remember how many texts and IMs she sent me asking to be safe out there. Seeing that I am typing this right now. It does mean I made it home safe and sound and in one piece.

Unfortunately, my flight is being called now so I have to go, but do come back if you’re interested in seeing the rest of my adventures through the Bay Area …

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