Pardon the Interruption … 26 before 26

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The original goal …

Earlier this year I thought about doing a “25 before 25” list. Given that my birthday happens to fall on the 100th day of the year, or day 101 in a leap year, I planned to make a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned the big 25. Well, for some valid reasons, and loads more excuses it never happened. Well, my girl and I were talking about it last night, and we decided to do a “26 before 26” list instead since we both turn that age next year. I am looking for suggestions from every and anywhere.

The new target …

More than anything we are looking for an eclectic mix of fun, daring, adventurous and stuff that makes a difference kinda things. Please, please do leave a comment, send me an email, share the link to this post to anyone you know. I am looking forward to ALL your suggestions. I will definitely be posting the final list on here, and keeping you updated as we check them off. Thanks yall.

Bisous, Bils

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