I finally decided to do something productive with all this free time I have, and took a vacation! My destination of choice *insert drumroll here* San Francisco!!! I am soooooo excited being here. There are sooo many things I love about being in Cali, but my two top fave would have to the weather and the proximity to the ocean!!! Love it. I intend to take in as much as this city has to offer so I came ready with a few essentials …..

My worn-out, yet extremely reliable TOMS!

These shoes are a life-saver, they came in quite handy while I spent hours walking around MSP during my layover, and I am sure they will be even more handy as I navigate the mean streets of the Bay Area. I also have an amazing camera, a backpack and my laptop. I promise to blog a little more from here as I’m sure I’ll have tons of stuff to share.

My girl, S and I whom I haven’t seen in a minute …

Talking about MSP. I spent a lot more time there than I originally intended to, but seeing how I am learning to make a lot of lemonade with the lemons life throws at me, I made good of the situation and caught up with old friends. My childhood friend, S, picked me up and took me to lunch which was fun. I also got to see her brother who I had not seen in at least 17 years!!! He did not seem to have changed much, which made it easy for me to remember how mean him and a few others had been to me when we were kids. So, T, if you’re reading this, I wanna know why you picked on me!

Ms F whom I haven’t seen in over 10 years!!!

Who knew facebook check-ins would ever come in handy. Sometime after I got back from lunch, I noticed my friend had checked-in somewhere at MSP. A couple facebook messages and a trip that helped me realize that MSP is just one big circle later, we met up and we were able to catch up, even if only for a bit.

Who knew it was possible to run into so many people at the airport on a wednesday?

While chatting with my girl, I saw a gentleman coming from the security checkpoint who looked kinda familiar. I was not quite sure until he walked over to me, but yup. I ran into yet another familiar face. Even though I spent seven more hours than I had planned to, seeing all these people made it worth it.

San Fran has been good so far, and my hosts are just incredible! I don’t remember the last time anyone asked me what I wanted to eat!!! LG. I was unable to go into the city yesterday because there was an issue with the metro, which was not too bad a situation as I was able to get more than enough rest after an insane trip. I am looking forward to an adventure packed day tomorrow, so I guess now would be a good time to hit the sheets. Thank you good people for dropping by, and do leave your comments, thoughts, opinions and/or suggestions. They are all highly appreciated!!!

Bisous, Bils

5 Replies to “Vive les vacances!”

  1. Hey bils this is bisola by the way can tell i am stalking you lol. You definitely go to union square, lombard street:its quit a hike but the view is worth i, fisherman’s warf:great seafood, peir 39, giradehli chocolate factory, golden gate bridge, ferry to sausolito. Its a great city to visit enjoy your vacation.

    1. Bisola, your stalking is always very much appreciated! Thanks for the recommendations, although you forgot to tell me what was at Union Square!!! You do not send a shopaholic to that kinda place. I will be sending you some of my receipts for clearance, hehehe. I am shooting for Lombard and the Golden gate today. I did Chinatown and Union square yesterday. I saw the Ghirardeli Factory yesterday while I was on the BART, will check it out on Monday maybe. And I agree, SFO has to be one of the best cities I’ve visited ever! Love it!

  2. yup the above comment is right. sooo many things to do there. u may not even have enough time to do all of them. u will have tons of fun though. just as long as you get out of the house. and watch out for the loads of homeless pple. some will expect you to tip them if they gave you directions to anyplace and they will walk up to you and ask if you need any help if you look lost. they are everywhere!

    1. Mimi, I totally agree with you. There is soooo much to do, but I am loving every moment! I lowkey almost dont want to go back! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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