Seeing that I am unemployed between jobs at the moment, I have nothing but time on my hands lately. And what have I done with this time? Let’s see: I took a trip to St Louis for my friend/big sisters graduation, I finally pulled out my craft bag and made some fun stuff, watched lots of youtube hair videos, and of course cooked. This post is going to be as random as my life is right now, so bear with me.

St Louis Arch.

After visiting the Arch in person, I am truly flawed by the marvels of science and architecture. Seeing that I am not a physics person, I can’t go into the technicalities of what makes this structure so amazing, but rest assured it is.

Bangles, brooches and earrings all made from the comfort of my bedroom floor

Its amazing how productive I could be when I choose to focus. Got bored one day, and finally decided to dust off my craft supplies. A few hours later, I had these babies looking at me. I am thinking about going commercial with these, but I will need to figure out some logistics first. If you are interested though, leave me a comment, or send me an email and we can discuss.

Gotta love the camera apps at the App Store

My hair and I have a love hate relationship. For the longest time, it was more hate than love because I couldn’t figure out how to manage it. And before you get all crazy, believe me when I say I have thick hair. Actually, let me let you see it for yourselves ….

Yes. That is all mine

It used to take umpteen hours just to wash, detangle, deep condition and style this hair, but thanks to my homegirl who suggested that I wash in sections, I can now wash and detangle in 30 minutes!!! Yup. 30 minutes! And each time I do, I feel like I have developed super human powers. I went from washing once every two weeks, to washing almost daily and my hair and I are finally in love. Oh, and another thing, I have noticed a lot of folks have colored their hair for the summer, and of course I want in on the action. I am not comfortable with chemical dyes just yet, so I am going to see what henna can do for me. Watch this space for the results. Which of course, I will only show if I like, hehehehe

My curl pattern is sick!!! As in, you could literally get sea-sick just looking at those waves!

I have always wanted a juicer, but being the ijebu that I am, I wasn’t quite comfy spending money on one. As the good Lord will have it, during my trip to STL, I mentioned to Mrs O that I wanted a juicer and it turns out that she had one she had never used. #winning!!! So now, I am a proud owner of a Bullet Express, which I have put to work! Lets see how long this love affair lasts.

Fruits I scored for $20 at the farmers market last weekend #winning!!!

I felt, and still feel like a beast when I look at how far I stretched my money!

Juice I made with those fruits!

This has to be hands down one of the best juices I ever had! And no, I amnot saying it because I made it. I am no fan of mangoes, so the mango juice I made is still sitting nice and full in my fridge. I think carrot juice is an acquired taste, so I am going easy on that one. There are a lot more fruit/veggie combos that I plan on sampling, but for now I am truly enjoying this.

So yeah, I guess this is basically the pictorial version of my randomness. I should have a part deux of my randomness coming up in a little bit, and maybe a food post too. Thanks for stopping by as always and your comments are very much appreciated!

xxx,                                                                                                                                                                         Bils

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