So 2 weeks ago, I started a new post apologizing for my absence, and/or the lack of new posts. It was quite a long one, yet I found it unnecessarily wordy so I never finished it. I am going to try this again in as few words as my overly verbose self can manage. Here we go ….

I truly do apologise for the neglect …

If you are familiar with my blog, you’d have noticed a significant lack of posts in the last two months or so. The blog has pretty much looked like the picture above, and although I think I have a solid excuse reason, I still apologize for my absence. Anyways, here’s what happened. I spent most of April and March panicking about losing my job, something to do with restructuring  layoffs. I started looking elsewhere, calling people and I don’t even want to recollect all the phone interviews that took place in the parking garage from the comfort of my homies car. Talk about being sneaky. Unfortunately, two months of panic did not help out because I still got let go at the start of last month. Amazingly enough, I handled it pretty well; no tears, no panic, just faith in God almighty that I had taken the necessary steps to cushion the blow. And I do believe that He was looking out for me, because a week after I lost my job, I got an even better job offer!!! Praise be to Him, and Him alone!!!

I know life happens, and maybe worse things will happen someday, and this should not be an excuse for neglecting my blog, but if you know how hard I worked to get this job, you’d understand why I couldn’t do much during the last couple months. Now that everything seems to be falling back into place, I hope to get back on schedule and post regularly. I have to say thank you to all those who checked up on me, sent emails and facebook messages while I was away. I truly truly do appreciate it! And all my friends who sent out recruiters email addresses, sent job postings, and just were there in one way or the other, I appreciate you more than words could ever say!

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