Pardon the Interruption: Walk with me …

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve been out here, and in due time I will explain my absence, but for now I have something to share with you all.

A few weeks ago, I sent a picture of my siblings and I to my mom that I had edited on instagram. Her response was something like “Is that all you have? I can do better….” At first glance, I was scared that she had finally figured out how to work her iPad, and had downloaded instagram. The mere thought of that made me tremble, but when I read it completely, I realized she meant she could find cuter pictures of us. She did keep her word, and has inundated my inbox with pictures this week. And I have loved every single one of them!

Classic picture of my siblings and I: my older sister full of life and joy, my little brother doing je ne sait quoi, and me lost in my thoughts!

The one thing I did notice while going through the pictures is how my sister was almost always carrying me. When she was not carrying me, she had her arm around me in a protective kind of way. Not that I needed this pictures to show me how much my sister loved me, but the love she has for me radiates so much through these pictures even Stevie Wonder would see it. I mean, my sister has loved me from birth. She was there from day one, and if it wasn’t that there is not quite an age difference between us, you would think she gave birth to me herself. If I ever doubted that my sister loved me, not that she has ever given me reason to, but seeing that we are human and we fight sometimes, I may want to get mad at her. Yet seeing these pictures, has helped me realize that this homegirl loves me. She always has, and I hope she always will!

She carried me like her own!!!

Like I have said before, I have learned a lot this past year and I am still learning, life is short. Always take time to cherish those you love because they could disappear in an inkling, and you’d have are empty memories. I am glad I have these pictures to look at next time I “think” I am mad at my sister, because I know she loves me!!! I love you Ma Leo!!!

4 Replies to “Pardon the Interruption: Walk with me …”

    1. Hahahahaha. Mambei you remember! I was telling someone that when I was little, it would’ve been war if they didn’t have that one braid coming down my forehead!!! LOL. I think my parents still have that encyclopedia you gave me in ’92 somewhere in the house! The things I learned in there… those were the good ole days

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