Apparently, my blog is neither as cool or as popular as I thought seeing that only 5 people entered my giveaway! I mean, who does not like free???? I love free!!! There is nothing better than free money, free food, free clothes or shoes to brighten up my day, so it beats me that only five people wanted a free cake. Either ways, I could still only pick one winner, and coincidentally it happened to be my friend “Ishmael” who won! I say coincidence because he’s been bugging me to make him a cake, so the giveaway helped us both!

Unfortunately, it took me about a month to get his cake to him, mainly because of everything I had going on this past month, but finally it did. Here’s what it looked like

Giveaway cake!

Just in case you’re wondering what the purpose of this post is other than to announce the winner, well I am hoping that you feel really mad at yourself, mad enough to want to play in traffic, so that next time I announce a giveaway you will be the first to sign up! So yeah, you can now go ahead and click the link to follow this blog, so that you never ever have to miss any giveaway. I have said my piece.

Bisous, Bils

One Reply to “We had a winner!”

  1. Thanks you Bee for keeping your promise. It was worth the wait. This cake and my mouth was a matrimony meant to last no longer than 48 hours. Yes, 99% of it went into my belly because love is selfish. I loved every slice, day and night. It was definitely one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had and i’ve had quite a share of carrot cakes. Frosting would have given it the crown, but nevertheless, it was that good.

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