Quick ‘n EZ: veggies, salmon and mashed potatoes.

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I noticed that I am either always baking, or cooking some elaborate African dish, and so when I get too busy and don’t have enough time to cook, this blog tends to suffer from neglect. This weekend was a very unproductive one. I was off on Friday, yet I dont seem to know where the time went. Yesterday evening the roomie and I almost had stomach ulcers, cos we were both hungry, and behold, we had absolutely nothing at home!!! I promise you, I cannot count the number of times, I got distracted at mass today, because I was dreaming about all the food I was going to eat when I got home. The roomie and I stopped for groceries on the way home, and I got my inspiration from there. If I knew they had that many “tasting” stands at the grocery store on Sundays, I would most certainly do my groceries on Sunday afternoons only. I settled on a Mediterranean-inspired veggie mix, sweet potatoes and salmon. Anywho, this meal took me about an hour and a half from the time I walked into the kitchen, till I sat down to eat, and thats a record!

The cast of "Mashed sweet potatoes"
I love love love sweet potatoes! Like I can’t even start to describe how much I love sweet potato fries. I have been trying to get into the “healthy” eating realm, so I figured I avoid frying, and try mashing the sweet potatoes instead. I started off by peeling and washing the potatoes. Then because I think I’m fancy, I seasoned the potatoes with some butter, white pepper and Maggi©.

Peeled potatoes ready to be cooked

I boiled the potatoes for about 15 minutes, or maybe a little longer I really don’t remember, but you want to boil the potatoes until they are nice and real tender/soft. I took them off the stove, drained them and placed in a bowl. My roomie told me it is better to mash when hot, so I mashed them straight off the stove

Ready, steady, go

I went through a couple recipes and they said to use brown sugar, and some other jazz, but I wanted simple stupid. So I mashed the potatoes by themselves and mixed in about a teaspoon of the broth.

All done

Once I was done with the sweet potatoes, I set them aside and went in on the veggies. I had orginally planned to do an asian-inspired veggie stir-fry, but then I saw sun-dried tomatoes at the grocery store and changed my mind, so I went Mediterranean.

The cast of characters

For the veggie-mix I used green and red bell peppers, zuchinni, green beans, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. I normally don’t eat green beans, but I tasted some at the store that just made me have to make some. Unlike the previous veggie medley, I chopped my veggies this time into chunks. Like I said before, I am obssessed with shapes, so I try to be consistent with shapes in my dishes.

'Shrooms and tomatoes

I almost dont remember what life before my wok was like, because I have been getting my money’s worth from her! I promise you though, ig you get one, you will always go back to it, for all your stir-fry dishes. I started off by heating the wok, and then adding some olive oil. When the oil was hot, I threw in the sun-dried tomatoes, which was not exactly a smart choice, because they got brown real fast! I recommend starting maybe with the zucchini if you try this. I then added the mushrooms which helped to cushion the tomatoes and stop the over-browning aka burning, lol

Then came zucchiniThen came the zucchini

Followed by green beans and peppers ....

The seasoning was the last to go in. I used white pepper, ground basil and marjoram, a dash of ground thyme and some Maggi®. I let the veggies simmer in the wok while covered for about five minutes, mainly because I despise soft veggies, after which I turned off the heat.

Et voila!

After the veggies, it was time to heat up the salmon. The salmon was seasoned with some white pepper and Maggi©. And then seared in a hot skillet with some olive oil. Once done, some ginger teriyaki seasoning (pictured below) was added to it, and allowed to simmer such that it absorbed the flavor. Like any other fish, salmon is easy to overcook, so be sure to pay attention. All in all, I say this salmon was cooked for about 15 minutes.

Salmon ...
Asian fusion sesame salmon!

So for the first time, in under two hours, I was able to achieve this:

Le diner est servi ... Bon degustation!

Unfortunately, the roomie’s little sister came in with some ndole as soon as I got done serving myself. Of course, I abandoned the oyibo food in favor of some good ‘ole pays grub, but I did pack my food for lunch tomorrow at work, and I will be looking forward to that!

What I had for dinner instead: Ndole, bobolo and plantain!

And because I was in an extremely good mood, I made dessert for the roomie.

Gateau au rhum avec une fraise, creme fraiche et du sirop au chocolat.

Yup! I think I’m fancy. I know you are all probably tired of hearing me say this, but I really do need to update these recipes soon, and I promise I will get to it. If you do need the recipe asap, feel free to send me an email, or leave a comment, and I will get it to you stat! Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate all the comments.



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