I had meant to put this up last week, but it just never happened. Singles Awareness Day came and passed with all its fanfare and wahala, and that was emotionally draining. Next up was Sidechicks Day, because, well obviously the sidechicks need love too! I have to admit, I was pretty pretty excited about sidechicks day, not that I am one ooo, but just because someone even dared come up with the idea for it. Pretty hilarious sturves, and I am sure there is some truth do it. If you know any jumpoffs, please ask them if they got anything special on 2/15. Like, I am really curious.  Anyways, by the weekend I was just too tired, and ready to relax and unwind, and so this post just never happened. But seeing as there are lots of events in the year: birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, et al, I believe this recipe could be put to use anytime of the year, and not just on Valentine’s day.

Starring from l to r: vegetable shortening, baking soda, vanilla flavoring, flour, sugar, buttermilk, salt, baking powder and eggs

I will begin by admitting that I have never cooked or baked with shortening of any kind. Heck! I didn’t even know there were different kinds of shortening. The only reason I used shortening was because the recipes I went through all recommended it, and the only reason I have that big ole tub available is because about 2 years ago, my roomie decided she was going to get into cake decor via the art of making fondant. One use, and a few years later, I was thankful for that urge or phase because I got to use the leftovers. In case you were wondering, no it is NOT expired, lol. No really

Crisco and sugar.

Started off by creaming the sugar and shortening in my beloved mixer. I definitely love the color of this mix, in contrast to the yellowish one I get when I use butter or margarine. Just beautiful

Eggs, buttercream and vanilla

While the shortening and sugar were getting to know each other pretty well in the mixer, eggs, buttercream and vanilla flavoring were networking off to side.

Whisking away

Nothing better than my reliable hand mixer to speed up the networking process. Whisk away until it is light and fluffy. Be careful as you have eggs in the mix. Whisking too much could cause them to become dry and stiff. You sure don’t want that to happen.

I swear sieving flour is an unrecognized art form!

At another location, the dry ones were also mingling. Flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda are all sieved together. Once this is done, check on the sugar and shortening which should be rather fluffy by this time. Proceed to add the dry and wet ingredients to the batter, alternatingly of course, until you are all out. Get the mixer going for another five minutes or so, and you’re ready to pour into baking cups.

Gorgeous cake barter

Pour out, or spoon the batter into prepared baking cups. I personally love to spoon the batter, that way I get near-exact amounts in each cup.

Ready for the oven ...

Place these in the oven, and I am not quite sure, but I think they were done in about 25 minutes. I daresay do a toothpick test after about 20 minutes, and just watch keenly from then on. I doubt they bake in over 30 minutes though.

Just beautiful ..... decadence

Allow these to cool completely, before you proceed to ice/frost them. I let these ones cool overnight. In the meantime, if you’re fancy like me, you can modify this recipe some. I had some frozen strawberries in the freezer that were originally intended for frozen margaritas. Somehow, those margaritas never happened, so I figured I could put them to use elsewhere.

Enter the strawberries

I defrosted these while I baked the first set of cupcakes. I then measured out one cup of ’em, which I pulsed/blended.

No, this is not blood. Promise

I made another cake batter using the exact same recipe above. When the batter was ready, I poured the crushed ‘berries in and mixed for a few more minutes.

And because I am oh so fancy, I did this

Yup! I placed strawberry halves in the middle of each one, and covered with more batter. Placed in the oven, and 30 minutes later, I had these

If you stare hard enough, you may see traces of red

These too were allowed to cool overnight. Woke up next morning, and I was fired up for icing, which is amazing considering how un-artsy I am.

Main characters

The icing was pretty basic: powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter and vanilla. Threw all of them in the mixer

Almost looks like cake batter

For the strawberry cupcakes, I added another cup of crushed strawberry to the mixture. My strawberries were wet, so that definitely affected the consistency of my frosting. If you try this at home, make sure you dry each berry individually before blending/puréeing. Used a palette knife to spread frosting over the cakes, and I decorated with sprinkles, m&ms, and colored sugar. Nifty huh?

These tasted even better than they look!

Another view ....

I really need to get like a personal assistant just to take pictures while I go about my business, cos these taking pictures thing is hard business, especially when you’re running late for church. So unfortunately, I didnt get pictures of the strawberry cupcakes with frosting, but I promise you they tasted out of this world good. And I know this because, I meant to take every single one of these to church, yet somehow I forgot one in the fridge. I told the roomie she could have it, but she didn’t get to it soon enough cos I ate it! I am not saying this just because I made it, but it was hella good!!!


I am sooo tired guys, so I will have to add this post to the list on incomplete posts that I need to work on. I promise I will get to it, real soon. Before I go though, I gotta say thank you for all your comments, the feedback and just for stopping by. I truly, truly do appreciate it from deep down within. Who would have thought, that I will still be here, a month later, 20 posts under my belt, and 1168 views! Okay, maybe about 100 of those are mine, but I am grateful that you all find me interesting enough to keep coming back. As always, email me, leave a comment with your questions, suggestions and even critiques, I welcome them all. Goodnight yall!



 P.S. If you’re reading this, I know you scrolled down to the end, which I doubt a lot of you would, and which makes this confession easier. I have consistently spelled “batter” as “barter” in every single one of my previous posts, and no one noticed. I am so ashamed yall. Like really. Then again, seeing as I am an “ijebu” and all, it is quite normal that I think everything has to do with money right?

3 Replies to “Cupcakes galore”

  1. Bilzzzzzz,i am so loving this blog,esp’ly now that i’m working on my baking skills,am sure i’l be sleeping here…thanks for making it a duty to share…

  2. wait wait wait waiiiiit!!!!! now Bil I need to know .Where did you study all this? thank you for the details I owe you a challenge.I love everything a see girl

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