If you’re single like me, today was one of those days that you were reminded, AGAIN, that you were single and unattached, hence there would be no flowers, teddy bears, chocolates or flowers from your significant other. And it’s okay if you felt bad, even if it was just a teeny weeny little bit, cos you are not alone! I mean, I refused to go to the lobby at work today, because just going by there at lunch, I saw an ungodly amount of flower baskets of all shapes and sizes *grabs bucket* .Yes, it was disgusting, but probably just because I knew I’d be getting nothing, lol. But its okay cos I got you all my single readers, Bils got you.

Some of the best cupcakes I ever had!

Well…………………………………………sorta, I was hoping that these cupcakes would make you feel better, but seeing as you can’t taste them, I doubt that will help, but meanwhile just look at them! I tell you they taste even better than they look!

Another view

Get a napkin already, cos I know you’re drooling

Happy Valentine's Day!


*Recipe to follow soon

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