I feel like its been a lifetime since I blogged, and I truly do have to apologise for the lack of posts lately. I wish I had 21 great excuses, but unfortunately the only thing I have is that I have been lazy, and maybe a little exhausted from work which has been a little stressful lately. Either ways, I have spent the last eight hours in the kitchen, I hope this more than makes up for my absence. I do admit that it did feel great to hear back from some of you asking for new posts. At least, now I know I am doing something right, and you love coming back for more. As always, I truly do appreciate you visiting, your comments and sharing with your friends.

Sleep and I are not best friends lie I mentioned before, so last week I was determined to get as much as I could. I guess I traded food for sleep, cos I had no decent food all week, and so I decided to celebrate my return to the stove with healthy-ish meals. Enter the mixed veggie medley. I usually turn to this after eating badly for a while. It is my attempt at detox, if it may be called that. It is quite easy to make once you get past chopping all your vegetables. Depending on what flavor you’re going for, it is also highly flexible too which is why I love it. The version I made was the most basic of basics, that way if you try this at home, you have a lot of leeway to personalize this recipe.

Cast of characters (not pictured: chopped garlic & olive oil)

As you can see this involved a lot of chopping, and the knife I got for christmas definitely came in handy, so shorrout to Ms FN for the gift! First order of business was chopping these bad boys up. If you’re not obsessed over doing everything from scratch you can always used the pre-packaged, frozen veggies. I love my veggies fresh, so I have to go through all this. I cut the cabbage in half, and sliced as finely as I could with my knife, next I chopped up the zuchhini

Zucchini aka squash

And repeated the process for the mushrooms

Mushrooms, didn't want to wash an extra bowl hence the blue ...

And the bell peppers …..

I love love love bell peppers!

And finally the smoked turkey

Smoked turkey ....yum!

In case you’re wondering why everything is cut in strips, I can explain. I am obsessed with shapes and uniformity, so I tend to make sure all, if not most, of my ingredients are shaped the same. I doubt it has any effect on the taste, it’s probably more of a presentation issue, but yeah I love everything to be shaped the same. Anyways, after everything was chopped up I was ready to go.

A vos marques ....

I have to say though, that since most of these veggies have a high water content, and I wanted them stir-fried, not boiled, I made little quantities at a time. I found that as long as there is space in the pan, and and it is not too crowded, any water given off tends to dry out faster. Also, using a wok gives you a larger surface area to work with, which is why I dusted out my wok, and placed it on the stove which was turned on, and on medium high heat. Next I poured in my olive oil, followed by a handful of onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, and Maggi© some of the smoked turkey. I let these simmer for a bit, and kept the wok uncovered so that any water given up would evaporate. Next, I threw in some cabbage, bean sprouts, and zucchini and folded in such that all the ingredients mixed in.

Just chilling ...

Like before, I let these simmer, and allowed the water to dry off before adding any more ingredients. And to reiterate, you want to stir-fry and not boil, so you have to minimize the amount of liquids in your wok at any given time. The carrots and bell peppers were last to join the party, and that’s because I abhor soft veggies. I like my veggies with a certain crunch in ’em. Five minutes later, everyone was all nicely settled-in, and fairly well-acquainted and it was time to take this show off the stove, and on to a plate!

One of my rare patriotic moments.

Mixed veggies go with just about anything, but because I am lazy, I love to have them with vermicelli or Mediterranean couscous. I was out of couscous today, so I went with the vermicelli noodles. And because I am really tired, I will have to end here and come back later with the recipe.

One last shot before I go

As always, thanks for coming through. Feel free to leave comments, share with friends, and keep coming back.


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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeee your blog …immediately i found out about it i subscribed to get mails and u made me find lohiscreation too(which i love)keep up the good work..i shld visit u sometime n eat all these lol

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