I Love my Life???

Two nights ago, I woke up to this

Yes! At 4 freaking A.M. I woke up to Demarco yapping about how much he loves his life. 45 minutes minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off. If you know me, you’d know that sleep and I are not best friends, and every minute of sleep is extremely valuable to me. So this interruption was not a pleasant one. At first I thought it was some hoodlum returning home from a night out on the town, but then I soon noticed that horrid sound was coming straight out of my living room. I jumped out of bed, but not before the soreness in my calf slowed me down. I get to the living room and the music is blaring louder than ever!

Guess what? It turns out that my old laptop finally got possessed by the devil. For no reason whatsoever, the video was playing off of youtube and to make matters worse none of the buttons on the laptop were working! Quel horreur! I yanked the power cord out of the wall, and was able to shut it down by holding down the power button. Needless to say, those were probably the two longest minutes of my life. I did manage to drag myself back to bed, and caught a few more minutes of sleep.

Anyways, later in the day I thought about the incident and laughed it out, but I also wondered if I loved my life, and would be ready to sing about it like Demarco.

I am blessed. I am a young, twenty-something, professional who loves what she does and is passionate about helping and inspiring others. I wake up every morning thankful to God for my job, and pray that I can make a difference in one persons life that day.

I started this blog as an outlet where I could express my truest and deepest feelings, given that I am not good at acknowledging my feelings, and also reach out to people who are going through the same things as I am. See, over the years, I have perfected the art of completely ignoring them, or burying them in deep pockets. Unfortunately, last year I learned the hard way what happens when these feelings burst out and take control. It aint pretty is all I can tell you. Of course blogging about food is a lot easier to do than talking about one’s self, so the food posts have been forthcoming. The personal posts, not so much. Yet, I am beyond excited about all the feedback I have gotten this week! I appreciate everyone of you who has stopped by, spread the word, given a facebook shorrout, anything, because it means a lot to me that you like what I do. And in case you cannot tell, I am rambling so I will stop now, but not before I say

I LOVE MY LIFE, and thanks for being a part of it


4 Replies to “I Love my Life???”

  1. Thank God for giving you the Opportunity to do what you do! For I tell you , you definitely h w an influence in at least one persons life a day 🙂

  2. Awwww…how sweet! Well, no matter what pple think or say when you do express your truest feelings, if they cannot handle it, how much of a friend were they to begin with? I totally agree with your post. When we put our lives in perspective and count our blessings, we’ve gotta love our lives because God is Great!

    1. I guess its human nature, or something close to that, but you are right though. You have to stay true to yourself, yet I do think sincerity is over-rated. And uhmmm, what’s this I hear about you not coming? xoxo

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