I was going to put up another post about this banana nut bread/banana cake I made this evening, but because I am tired, my back is hurting and I need to go to bed in the next 5 minutes, I will leave you with some pictures so you can ooze ounces and ounces of drool, until I post the full recipe for your viewing pleasure. I know, I am deliciously evil 😉

Let the drooling begin!

And because there’s no such thing as too much drool, well according to me, here’s more …

I am almost hungry myself

If its any consolation, I dont know what it tastes like seeing that I do not eat bananas. Hopefully, my coworkers will be all smiles once they take a bite.

Toodles loves,

Bils BeeingBils

4 Replies to “Because I can …”

  1. It was Delicious!!!..:-) nt a big fan Of bananas either but ild eat banana bread any day any time..yumyum..when r u baking the next one?..i av some overripe bananas oh. I can bring it For u..lol..

  2. i love bananas so i should def try this out especially now i am trying to bake more.I need to also learn how to make akara banana soon:-).Great recipes!

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