I try not to begin posts with disclaimers, but I cant help it in this situation. I started working on this post on the bus on my way home from work today, and I believe I saved it. I turned on my laptop just now to finish it, and lo and behold I cannot find it. To say I am mad would be an understatement, But I will do my best to cool off, and make this post worth your while…

Life and death. I highly doubt that there are any two things in life that could be soooo close, yet so far. One minute we’re alive and well, and the next we’re dead and gone. I have been really busy at work lately, so I am usually too tired, read lazy, to type anything when I get home. Never mind that I spend the bulk of my days drafting blog posts in my head. It just gets a little tricky trying to compose a piece that will make the time and effort you make to visit this page worth your while. So bare with me, as I work on putting new pieces together.

Life is lie walking through this tunnel: life on one side, death on the other

Anyways, earlier this morning my sassy little sister asked me in her usual obnoxious way if I’d ever heard about Asa. If you know me, you’d know about my addiction to African music, read Nigerian music, but I had not given Asa a lot of play time if any until a few days ago. Not wanting to give her any satisfaction, I retorted with a big yes. On my way back home from work, I went on a major Asa overhaul. I was more than impressed with her I have to say. I mean, her style is not like anything my ears are familiar with, which could be one of two things: either she is just that good, or my ears have gotten to acclimated listening to Wizkid and his cohorts, smh. I am definitely going to go with the former, seeing as I refuse to admit in a public space that I am addicted to Wizkid. Jokes aside though, I think I am definitely hooked on Asa, and now everyone around me is going to suffer because I am going to listen to her for as long as I can. Knowing me that could be anywhere from a day to a couple months. Oh well, the first song I listened to was “Share my Blessings” by Naeto-C ft Asa and immediately I knew I’d found my inspiration.

Late last year, a classmate of mine from secondary school passed away. He was 25 years old: a smart, vibrant, driven young man who was just a blessing and a ray of sunshine to all those who knew him. I was not close to him or anything, and I only attended school with him for a year, but immediately I heard about his passing, I remembered the things that made him stand out. I went to a co-ed boarding school, and lets just say chivalry was effectively dead in my Form 1 class. There were guys who hit girls at least once a week, and some of them are still hitting girls till this day. Anyways, this particular gentleman was different. He was mellow, soft-spoken, and he had this demeanor that just wreaked of inner peace and he was only 11 years old at the time!  When I visited his memorial webpage, all the attributes I remembered about him, were shared by everyone else, from his parents, his siblings, his friends and basically everyone he had ever crossed paths with in life. I know it is said said that no one speaks ill of the dead, but I do know folks who passing has merited nothing more than silence, and this is all out of respect. This was clearly not the case with my late classmate. Going through all the condolence messages while trying to hold back tears, it was though even from the grave he was reaching out to me. Everyone seemed to share the same sentiments.

After visiting the site a couple times, I got to thinking: what if I dropped dead today?What would people have to say about me? If I had a chance to write my own eulogy, what would I say? It reminded me of a sermon I heard at evening mass a few months prior. The priest urged us to pray for a good death, reason being that some folks are so scared of dying, they fight it every step of the way, and sometimes it is traumatic to those around. For someone with as many morbid thoughts as I do, it was comforting to know that I was not weird praying to God for a good death. Here was a vibrant young man, who had great plans for his future, and everything was cut short by his untimely, yet peaceful passing. And even from the grave, he was giving folks like me a thing or two to take with us……

I have come to treat everyday like a new chapter in my Eulogy, while I still have life in me and my heart is still pumping blood. I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, I have the opportunity to make myself a better person, I have the opportunity to tell someone how I truly feel about them, and I have the chance to edit my eulogy as it stands today, because I never know what the future holds: here today, gone tomorrow. This song by Naeto-C and Asa, sums up this post in fewer words and I hope it reaches out to you as it did me.


4 Replies to “Life and Death”

  1. Another reason it is important to for us to be more expressive and let friends and family know how special they are while they are alive and well.

  2. I like this, started work in the cancer unit, and I see alot a life and death in kids like in adults, people living in soo much pain, that they are soo grateful for a pain free night, when I see how much we are blessed and how much I still manage to take for granted, I just wonder how we can be sometimes so insensitive about the fragility and beauty of life. While u have legs run, while u can smile, dont hesitate, while u can laugh, do it whole heartedly and while u can love, give it ur all.. dont hesitate

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