I know I went a tad overboard with the food over the holidays, but its been about a month since Christmas, but it seems my “inner fat girl” as my sisters dad will say, is trying to bust out literally. It seems she has forgotten that summer is right around the corner, and this chiquita will need to be in shape for skimpy clothes season, say what! Ok, maybe not skimpy clothes, but dang! I would like to wear shorts and mini-skirts at the very least. Oh well, I think its time I show her who runs this show! Well, right after I finish eating this piece of cake! Somebody come get me!!!!

Before I morph into this .....

Anyways, late last year we had an international potluck at work, and seeing how I get giddy when food is involved, I offered to make donuts, Cameroon-style. Never mind that up until the day I had that brilliant idea, I had never thought about making donuts ever! That little detail notwithstanding, I went in search of donut recipes. My first source turned up null as she was on vacay, and we kept playing phone tag. My next stop, was a little better, although like a true african she just told me what goes in it without giving me actual measurements, smh. I tweaked it to my taste, and after several tries, I think I can finally share the recipe with the world. Here we go,

The cast of characters, minus the rice cooker of course!

This recipe is rather basic as I’ve come to find out. All I use are the ingredients above. I start off by kneading the flour and the butter together with my fingers. I always wish I didnt have to do that, but the last time I tried using my hand mixer to knead, my donuts tasted like fried cakes. So I say, suck it up and get those fingers dirty!!! Knead the flour into the butter real nice, and then throw in a dash of nutmeg, and two teaspoons of baking powder, and knead some more. Your flour and butter mixture should look something like so …

Flour and butter kneaded in quite nicely

After this step, taking pictures got quite tricky cos I put in the wet ingredients and so one had was dirty, and the clean hand was used to pick up other stuff. And I wasn’t about to risk anything happening to my precious BB! So pardon the lack of pictures from here on out. Because there is no creaming involved, I usually melt my sugar in the milk ie I measure out my evaporated milk, and sugar, and then I pour the sugar into the milk and pop into the microwave for about a minute and a half. When the mixture is ready, I stir it some to try and dissolve the sugar as best as I can. It doesnt always work seeing that it is an extremely concentrated mixture. The nerd in me is dying to give you the concentration in ppm, but I will spare my non-nerds the trouble, hahaha!

Anyways, pour the milk-sugar mix into the bowl and mix some more. Go ahead and use a spoon, preferably a wooden spoon, if you must. I do that too sometimes. I wish I had a picture to show what it should look like, but oh well. Next add in the eggs and keep mixing. The texture of your mix should be something like a cake batter with too much flour. It is definitely thicker than a pancake too, and it sure as all h**l should not be a dough either. Mhhhhhh, this rather tricky. You mix should have the texture of “puff-puff” almost. Phewwww! That was the best I could come up with. Now that that’s covered, set your pot on the stove and pour some vegetable oil in the pan. The oil should be enough for deep-frying. When the oil is hot, go ahead and fry like you would “puff-puff” or “beignets”. And for those of you who dont know how to dry beignet, I promise to do this post over, because it is lacking too many steps. But here’s what mine looked like

Tadaaaa! Minus all the other stuff ....

I was going to put up a step-by-step recipe, but given how many pictorials I missed I decided otherwise. But if you do try this recipe out, please let me know. Feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks yall!

Bils BeeingBils

4 Replies to “Donuts, donuts …..”

  1. how did i not know you had this many posts already?? i love it! and indeed the food is making me hungry hehe can’t wait for march!! love you xxxxx

    -nina b

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