What’s an African party without rice?

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I know the title of this post looks kind of ridiculous, but I promise you I couldn’t find anything else to write. Oh well, like I said in the previous post I was a co-host of a baby shower today. Matter of fact, I think the shower is still taking place as I type, but in typical me-fashion I skipped out early. One of the bad habits I picked up from my dad is my lack of social skills. I don’t like being around people for too long, and I try to avoid social gatherings as much as I can. So yeah, I skipped out on the baby shower after fulfilling my duties as best as I could. Anywhoo, I also made some hybrid coconut/fried rice for the baby shower, which I am planning to damage once I get done with this post!!!

The rice cooker I got for Christmas, shorrout to Mami Nou

I finally decided to break out the rice cooker for this one. For someone who loves gadgets as much as I do, I am extremely old-fashioned. I am not a big fan of electronic can-openers, or wine-openers and rice cookers. So I was a little apprehensive when I brought this one out of the closet, but I decided to give it a shot regardless.


I have to admit, something about the rice cooker being red made me just a little giddy on the inside. After unwrapping, rinsing and glancing through the directions/manual I was ready to put the cooker to work. Introducing the main actors,

My fave, jasmine rice, coconut milk, salt

The rice cooker manual said to add one cup of water to two cups of rice, but that did not sit right with me, so as usual intuition took over. After washing six cups of rice, which I placed in the rice cooker, I added three cups of coconut milk, and four cups of water. Threw in a dash of salt and I was good to go. Went about my business, a few minutes later alarm went off and I was good to go. I have to admit that I was kinda impressed, and I think I may love this new “toy”. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the rice when it was done. Moving on.

Strips of beef about to sliced and seasoned

I got the beef for the rice prepped. After slicing into cubes I seasoned the beef with Maggi©, white pepper, a dash of powdered ginger, and this mix of cilantro and garlic I got from Amazon Grill. I digress. AG is this lowkey Brazilian place in Houston that has probably the best plantain chips I have ever had. I don’t know if its just the chips or the dipping sauce thats amazing, but I know the two put together is like heaven in your mouth. So if you’re ever in the Houston area, you have to try it out. You will not regret it, and I can say this as fact. I drove two hours in traffic once cos I had the most intense craving for those chips, and I did not regret it. Oh well, back to my recipe …..

Dipping sauce from Amazon Grill that became my marinade ...h

So yeah, I definitely used the cilantro and garlic mix to marinade my meat. And my not-so-little sister called me ratched because I did that. I personally thought I was saving the planet seeing that I am out of chips, and this dee-lee-shus green mess would have ended up in the trash. I let the meat marinade for a few minutes then I seared in a hot pan. The key to searing is make sure your pan is hot, and do not overcrowd it. If you have too much stuff in your pan, whatever you’re searing may end up boiling instead and you do not want that. So little portions over several takes. Once your beef is brown on one side, turn over and let the other side brown too that way you get a nice even brown on each piece. Remove from pan, and repeat as necessary for your serving size.

Pan-seared beef cubes

Unfortunately, I started doing too much once I got done with the beef so I was unable to get more pictures. But here’s the rundown. In a clean pot, preferably a wok, add a tablespoon of cooking oil and set your burners on medium high. The advantage of using a wok is, it has a round bases, and is more than likely non-stick. So you get even coverage on your rice, and it does not burn. When the oil is hot, throw in your sliced veggies (bell peppers, green beans, onions, corn, carrots, peas, etc) and sautee for a bit. Next throw in your beef and continue to stiry fry. At this point, throw in a dash of salt, a hint of powdered thyme, some white pepper and a whole lotta LOVE! lol, fine that was corny. The rice comes in last, and you make sure you get even coverage on the rice as it is quite easy to leave large chunks of white rice. Your final product should look like so…….

Tadaaaaa! How can you not be hungry just looking at this?!?!

Once you’re done, sit down, kick back, relax and eat your eyeballs out! Which is exactly what I am about to do right now, even though its almost midnight. Hahaha. Feel free to leave comments, feedback or send me an email at beeing.bils@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you all. Night night yall, am off to do damage to this rice and my waistline!


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