After the cry fest of last night, and the migraine that ensued, I was ready to get in the kitchen this morning, and this baby shower I co-hosted was the perfect excuse to go H.A.M. in the kitchen. And that I sure did. I am going to try to share as many recipes as I can, and I look forward to your feedback after trying them out as well.

This pound cake is probably one of my favorite, and more easy cakes to bake. I forgot to keep track of exactly how long it took for me to prep and bake, but I doubt it was over 30 minutes of prep time. And keeping track of the measurements is fairly easy. Its three cups each of the main ingredients, and either a cup or two of the supporting characters.

The cast of characters minus the eggs. The baking soda kinda intruded on this picture 🙂

Well, after assembling all my ingredients, I got my mixer and got to work. Throwing in the butter and sugar. It would be worthy to note that butter is easy to work with when it is at room temperature. So long before I was ready to bake, I got my butter out of the fridge and left it outside while I went about my business. When I was finally ready for it, it was soft and nice just the way I like it.

Butter and a cup of sugar

As seen above, I started off with three sticks of butter, and a cup of sugar. The other two cups of sugar were added individually and let to mix for a couple minutes, after which it looked like so: see below

Looking good: this is three cups of sugar and three sticks of butter

I threw in the five eggs, one at a time of course. Then I also added in the flavors. One teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, and two teaspoons of lemon extract and kept the mixer working real hard. Given how much I use my mixer, I think I may need to invest in a Kitchen Aid, because I highly doubt that this one is going to make it through the year. The “ijebu” in me would like to “suggest” that as a birthday gift for moi, to my friends, but I already said no one was allowed to get me a kitchen utensil as a gift this year, sigh ….

Sieving flour ....

Back to baking, I then added my three cups of flour. Of course, I added one cup at a time and stirred completely before adding my next cup. When everything was all nicely mixed up, I added my secret ingredient, which will no longer be secret after this post. SPRITE! Yup! You read it right, I added a cup of Sprite to the mixture. Any lemon-lime drink would do, so Sierra Mist, 7Up, or any generic brand will work just fine. I let the batter mix for about 3 more minutes and I was ready to put in the oven. Given that I was also making fried rice, while I was working on this cake, I forgot to get a picture of the batter in the pans. I did get a picture of the cake once it was done about an hour later ……………………


Yup yup! There my dear friends is the finished product. I was in quite a hurry so I forgot to get some more pictures of the cake. If you have any questions about this recipe, leave me a comment, or send me an email at

xoxo                                                                                                                                                      BilsBeeingBils



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